Make Money By Having A Skyline Card

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Earn 20% commission per. sales.

Every time someone uses your discount code you get a 20% commission.

Get 3%

Invite your friends to join our affiliate program and earn 3% on their sales.

Low content

LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, facebook, you name it! Make your profile more visible, promote your discount code and watch your earnings grow.

Get paid

You will receive your payment within 5 working days

How do I create myself?

To become part of our affiliate program requires it

  • That you have a Skyline Card and a profile

Not easy? 

Send an email to, with name, email and link to your profile. Then you will receive your discount code within 24 hours.



How do I know someone has used a discount code?

You will receive a screenshot every day where you can see the total amount.

Do I need a Skyline profile before I can join the Affiliate program?

Yes, you need a Skyline Card and a profile where you can choose between Skyline Free or Skyline Club, depending on how much content you want on your profile.

How do I get paid?

You send your account and registration number to us, where you receive your reward after 5 working days in your bank account.

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About us

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Delivery times

  • We deliver your Skyline Card within 1-5 working days. For larger orders, the delivery time may be longer

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