Why should I have a business card?

With a business card, you can effectively market yourself or your business to potential customers. The map shows both what your company can do and how you can be contacted. That way, a business card is an important first step in establishing contact between you and your future customer.

It seems far more professional to have a business card rather than having to write down your contact information on a piece of paper.

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Business card

Business card

How does the skyline card work?

Skyline Card is more than a business card!

Anyone who receives a link to your page can see all your information. The link to your profile is downloaded in the map, so you decide who is allowed to see your profile. Skyline Card is a business card that contains both your personal links, but also google maps, video, photos, ratings and much more. 

How does the card work?

Why choose Skyline Card?

  • You will receive an electronic business card, which you can change as you wish
  • It is better for the environment as you only receive one single card
  • Can contain all the information you want
  • The information can be stored in your phone super easily – that way it can not be lost
  • Through innovation and quality, we boost your liquidity
  • Present yourself professionally with the Skyline Card

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Skyline Card
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Skyline Card

What do our customers say?

Usually buy 1000-2000 business cards every year, and have therefore tried my hand at Skyline Card and it has worked super well! Both saved money and did something good for the environment.
MikkelCEO – Transport victim
A skyline card is innovative in the environment and a modern way of giving your business card, without being afraid of running out of business cards. In addition to this, you are sure that the person who is going to use the business card has it on his mobile and does not just throw it in the bin.
Mikael Falck
Mikael Falck
Fantastic product !!
Nice that everything is online. I do not have to think about storing business cards on time and off time.
Can definitely be recommended !! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Torben Hansen




Skyline Card

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